Reminder: The M2 Banquet

The M2 Banquet will take place in the amazing Meeting Room. The event will sparkle with colors from 19:30 to 02:00. The dinner is all sold out and at 23:00 the eftersläpp will begin letting even more people share the M2-feeling. Meeting Room is located at Alströmergatan 20 and we are very happy to have this years banquet in such a beautiful and stylistically pure environment. Check Meeting Room out at Meeting Room

M2 Magazine 2012 Sneak Peek: Fredrik Wikingsson

Time is up for the next M2 Magazine Sneak Peak! With only 5 days left to the release event, it is about time to introduce you to the man on our cover this year. Once the theme creativity was decided, he and his companion were some of the first ones we thought about. They have eaten their own flesh in television and make every appearance in a new, innovative and sometimes odd way, whether it is in their own show “Får vi följa med?” or in first class at “På Spåret”. Additionally, they seem to be incredibly clever and competent. They’re simply just that kind of people that bewilder you so that you just want more of them. You want to understand them and get answers. How is it possible to both come up with the ideas, like eating your own flesh, and get them implemented? And being so relaxed, down-to-earth and quick-witted about it? So, out of our curiosity, we tried to contact them and they answered and revealed that they “are terrified of empty rooms for our upcoming tour”, and so, they dedicated an hour for us. Or more correctly, Fredrik Wikingsson did, since Filip Hammar lives in Los Angeles. We did not quite expect him to show up.

If you have ever heard Fredrik Wikingsson talk, you won’t have a hard time imagine that out of one hour with him, you can get a lot of information. In about 180 kilometers per hour we got to know this idea machine through anecdotes about his childhood, his attendance at school, his travels, his meetings with people (such as SSE students) and the backgrounds and assessments of TV-shows.

“They do all these peculiar things on TV, but are there ever anything they wish they hadn’t done? Fredrik responded that it would probably be ideas that didn’t turn out very good, or that turned out to be lame. On the other hand he doesn’t regret them since they too turned out to be learning experiences.”

For all the juicy parts of the interview, written by Ronja Bjurulf, make sure to grab a magazine with Fredrik’s face on next week!

Erica Smeds
Editor in Chief
M2 Magazine

The typical SSE student

When thinking of the Stockholm School of Economics you might think of young men and women with black leather brief cases and tidy suits ready to take the fast track straight into the banking world. You might think of graphs, stocks, calculators, investment prognosis or any other stereotypical word associated with this school. However- M2 is the project that shows you the opposite side. The side where SSE actually is a school with all kinds of different individuals with different interests and talents ready to give the world of media and marketing a go.

In the 3rd bachelor year you can chose between five different specializations and almost 20% of the third year bachelor students are currently studying marketing. And this goes for the master program as well! The Stockholm School of Economics has during the recent years gone from being a school of economics to a school of much more diversified subjects. That’s why we arrange the M2-fair; to give the students an insight in the world of media and marketing and to introduce the companies to their potential recruits.

So, feel like M2 is something you or your company might want to participate in next year or in the future? Drop by at the Stockholm School of Economics on Sveavägen 65 on the 26th of April to get your SSE prejudices disproved…

Julie Rosenthal Brydolf
President of M2:2012

M2 Magazine 2012 Sneak Peek: Mai-Li Hammargren

As the M2 week is getting closer, M2 Magazine is getting ready to be released. It is our own magazine that is to the border filled with interesting and exciting content that in each and every way tries to strengthen the goals and purposes of M2. Therefor, M2 Magazine 2012 does not only hope to inspire and make people see and grab opportunities; it also wants to celebrate the creativity of individuals and the innovative forces in our society.

Throughout the pages, we try to sort out the somewhat abstract definition of creativity and the importance of this quality in business and everyday life. In order to succeed with that, we talked to a lot of creative, inspiring and successful people. And while we count down to the release, we thought we’d as well share some sneak peaks and introduce you to some of them. First out is Mai-Li Hammargren.

Mai-Li is a former SSE student that has succeeded to bring an innovative thought from the initial idea to a rewarded product and a company spread worldwide (without having spent a single coin on marketing). Mutewatch is a creative company with an important underlying philosophy that M2 Magazine wanted to get to know more about. But Mai-Li also tells about her philosophies about life, choices and SSE, and I would lie if I didn’t tell you that I was totally blown away after our meeting. Here are some of the tips she reveals:

–  The surest way to be unhappy is to compare yourself with others, whether it’s good or bad.
–  The only sure way in which you can find yourself truly happy is – now.
–  When you make choices – make sure that you’re driven by joy and not by fear.

The rumor goes that Mutewatch has not spent a single coin on marketing. Is that true?
“We still don’t.”
Is that being creative?
“I am never as creative as when I am in need. Because then I have to be creative as I have no other resources. Besides, what we’ve found is that there is no better way to appear trustworthy than to care about our product and not give away the product for free. When people buy our product they know that we’ve put all of our energy into the product itself rather than gimmicks to get a quick sale. We focus on the right things. We focus on what we know. People that focus on creating a hype about themselves and their product focus on the wrong things. It’s like trying to run when you don’t know how to crawl.”

To continue reading about this and to find out more about Mutewatch’s incredible journey and Mai-Li in person – make sure to get yourself a copy of M2 Magazine 2012.

To find out more about Mutewatch, visit

Erica Smeds
Editor in chief
M2 Magazine

The drama

This campaign is a HUGH success. Why? Because 1) This video is shared by all my friends on Facebook. 2) The video was uploaded yesterday and already has over 3,500,000 views. 3) The message, that this new network is all about drama, really comes through.

Created to create?

M2:2012s theme is created to create. It might sound both simple and complex, however that is the strength of it. Because what is creating? Do you have to be creative to create? Or is it something more concrete? The mere act of doing something? Or they constructing of something new?

M2 wishes to ask you a lot of question, not to get answers, but to get you thinking. Because we are the fair representing the field of media and marketing, a field that many of the students from Stockholm School of Economics might end up working within. The problem, as we see it, is that the field is not discussed enough among the students at the school. The students do not seem to realize that they have a serious career option in this field. M2 have represented an alternative career path for some years and now we want the students to think. Is that to take it one step too far? These students are some of the smartest in the world and they still do not seem to realize that media and marketing is a great, if not brilliant, career choice.

So, back to the questions. Do you like to think? Do you like to work in projects? And do you wish to have more career options than banking and consulting? Then M2 wishes to invite you to a fair full of questions. And if you actually want some answers you can ask the companies. They are there because they think that you might have something they like: courage and the ability to think.

The M2:2012 fair will take place in the atrium at the Stockholm School of Economics the 26th of April.


The attention

Well, it is always good if people talk.

The past years different creative constructions involving a product or a brand have tried to be the new hot topic. It is always effective to be first with a creative idea and communicate trough some kind of art instead of plain text. We start with an example from the famous brand Converse. Notice how they involve and reenact music, video games and a very well-known flag, everything to speak to their chosen target audience.

Next up is another company who wants to speak to a young audience. The idea in this case seems to be that ”if we combine our product with something the target group likes, this group will like our product more”. This might not always be the case, however many brands today seem to follow this idea. I doubt that this smart phone music machine was a success, but you never know it might still have increased the sales of Pringles.

This is also a perfect example of how companies wants to market themselves in the latest medium. So, smart phones is the new rapidly growing medium, suddenly every marketing campaign consists of at least one app.

Another example of this app trend is this video from Kalles. And here I have a question to you, is this really an app which will appeal to the target audience for kaviar?

Note: The playlist-part is amazing.

So basically the main goal is attention and to get that companies could benefit from being a mentioned topic, being first or being in the right medium. There are hundred different ways to go, these are just some examples.