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  1. Det var ett vackert ff6nster.Fint mf6nster i det runda ff6nstret. Det bruakr ve4l kallas ff6r rosettff6nster om jag inte tar fel?

  2. Dear Sara,your family pic is great! Lush and ahacric… simply beautiful.Thank you very much for your b-day wishes! You’re right, its fantastic to have friends all over the world (beside family).Liten happening en augusti? Do you fly over Hamburg :-)LoveAriane.

  3. whenever im really deerpssed i try and think about how for every person who is born there are thousands of millions of reasons that thier birth may not have happened. There are thousands of combinations of genes from your parents that can create billions of differant children, and there are a thousands of things that can go wrong with every pregnancy (i know this sounds sorta morbid) but think about even though there were millions of obstacles and possibilities in your way, you made it. That’s amazing to me And i can’t help but think that there must be some point to me being here or i wouldn’t be the one out of a billion million possible children who actually ended up exsisting the purpose of your life isn’t going to be handed to you somebody isn’t goint to walk up to you and tell you youre a doctor’ or your supposed to be a mother’. You have to go find your own purpose .and that’s a big job in itself so maybe for right now the purpose of your life IS to find the purpose in your life .so try new things, explore who you are as a person, do things that make you happyi hope i helped good luck


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