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  1. anna, tackotack! :)la dolce vita, thank you very much~!annika, aaazaah (fast utan pricken!) eller hur?!rachel, summer love indeed. i love to watch them, the two of them. and how their love is growing, day by day.ariane, oh i wish! even though i might be going to eckenforde. but for a shorter weekend. would have been fun to make it an international meeting aswell…yaelian, ja det ar du! harligt! hur lange stannar du?ilse, sorry to hear, but hopefully you have friends instead? would be very nice to meet. one day, i am already longing to go to the netherlands again.

  2. John Tengler skriver:Hej!Jag har le4nge velat bf6rja tre4na Krav Maga och nu ne4r jag faylttr till Jf6nkf6ping, e4r jag ve4ldigt sugen pe5 att bf6rja! Jag hoppas att det finns det platser kvar ff6r att bf6rja nu i hf6st?! I se5 fall vill jag ge4rna se4tta upp mig som medlem!Hittar inte fliken Bli medlem , se5 hoppas det ge5r bra att man tar det he4r igenom!MVHJohn Tengler

  3. Im no professional, but I feel you just crafted an excellent point. You clearly know what youre talking about, and I can seriously get behind that. Thanks for being so upfront and so truthful.

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