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  1. ay sara… this beautiful prituce just make me dream about being more in contact with nature, this feeling when you’re in a place like the one you prituce, silent, and you just hear the sound of the water, you just feel the touch of the sun on your skin, you just realx and breath…sometimes i miss that in my day-to-day life, sometimes i feel lost, without a place to find myself. i need to go see the sea soon, i think!

  2. Dear Katarina, my thoughts etxacly on the summer: it seems we have had only a month of it here. And I don’t recall months passing as quickly as the last eight. It seems as only ‘yesterday’ that I was fussing over seedlings. Nonetheless, we must do what comes next. Your flowers are beautiful as are your photos.

  3. Thank you for posting this. Last week I just had a hetead discussion with my doctor about why I was refusing to go on Abiliy. This could not have been more timely. Thankfully, I have both my girls off it, as it made them worse.XXXXXX

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